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Stud partitions:

A stud partition is an easy way to divide an internal room, we can construct a partition from timber or metal and clad in any of the following plasterboards ( Gyproc standard 9.5 or 12.5 board), foil backed (moisture protection), fire line( fire protection,) or sound check for (sound insulation). Also for extra warmth the stud work can be insulated with rock wool.

Hire a Tradesman:

If you have a small job that requires a tradesman why not hire one on an Hourly / Daily rate, We offer a prompt service of quality local trades people from as little as £10 an hour or £80 a day. It could be a lock that needs fitting or just a shelf that needs putting up. So let us send them to you

TEXT: "hireatradesman" for a Quote and prompt service.

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